For a sound sleep..


Do not go to bed hungry: A comforting carbohydrate snacks with a glass of milk, preferably warm, as you get ready for bed can stave off hunger pangs.  Warm milk induces sleep better than cold.

You may need to limit your fluid intake after 6 p.m. A full bladder is a common cause for waking up in the middle of the night.  If this commonly happens to you, you may want to avoid the warm milk remedy, as it may not be a good idea.

Avoid drinks with caffeine in them after 6 p.m. Caffeine, for some people is a great way to stay awake.  While in the past you may have been immune to the stimulant effect of caffeine, it may now be the cause of insomnia. Caffeinated drinks include coffee, tea and all colas.  Remember that decaffeinated coffee and tea are not caffeine free; they just have less.  If you have low blood pressure you should, in contrast, have one or two cups of regular coffee with your breakfast as caffeine helps to raise blood pressure.

Do not exercise just before bed. Some of you like a work out, walk, swim etc. after dinner. Make sure you finish at least an hour before you begin to think about bed.

Be careful what you watch on television just before bed. While a romantic comedy might be just what you need, violence and cliff-hanging excitement will leave you in no mood to sleep.

Some sleep experts recommend that the bedroom be reserved for things normally done in bed

Some of you may find a warm bath or shower unwinds you and relieves sore muscles. If too hot or cold it could have the opposite effect.

Look forward to going to bed. If you are trying to overcome difficulties don’t get into bed until you feel tired. Sit up and read elsewhere. If, you are in the bed and sleep deserts you, don’t lie there getting more and more anxious; get up and do something else in another room.

If either you or your partner’s insomnia threatens the other’s sleep opt for another bedroom until your sleep patterns equalize.  Better one of you sleep than neither of you.

Sex can be a lovely soporific with the right person and under the right circumstances. Sex can be a nice way to wake up after a good sleep. Sleeping in separate rooms is no deterrent to a good sex life with someone you love.

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